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NEWS//China city of the future

NEWS//China city of the future

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The concept comes straight from science fiction: a high-tech city that only allows autonomous vehicles on its streets. 

China is well on the way to building this city two hours by car away from Beijing in Xiongan New Area of Baoding, Hebei Province.

Xiongan New Area under Xi is aiming instead to become a center of scientific research. It contains completely automated convenience stores. Robot delivery vehicles deliver shopping orders to residents. The city will grow from 100 square kilometers to 2,000 square kilometers. By 2020 visitors from Beijing will ride in autonomous vehicles on freeway lanes specifically designed for them. 

But, perhaps of all the futuristic technology, Xiongan's use of driverless vehicles is the most stunning. Including private cars owned by individuals, all vehicles that will run on the district's roads will be completely autonomous. The city already has signs in some areas that read, "Autonomous Vehicles Only."

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