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MINISTRY//A special baptism

MINISTRY//A special baptism

A baptism took place recently at a church 316NOW works closely with. It was a special baptism for a reason beyond the miracle of the Spirit’s working in this sacrament.

A new pastor

Key leaders at this church have studied with our Bible institute for almost a decade. Six months ago, the church called one of its male members (we’ll call him Brother Feng) to serve as its pastor. This man has not graduated from a Chinese seminary, but he has been a student with us for several years. He also works with one of our Bible institute professors to develop his sermons.

Two weeks ago, Brother Feng performed his first baptism. He shared the miracle of Baptism with a young woman who has come to faith in Jesus and joined the church.

A significant step

This is a significant ministry step for the congregation. Normally in China, baptisms are only performed by government-certified pastors.

For that reason, pastors of unregistered churches decline to baptize. But they also misunderstand that God has given to them, through their congregations, the public ministry of the keys. We have been teaching the unregistered churches we work with that God has granted their pastors the privilege of sharing baptism with people. We show them from Scripture that administering the Sacraments is their privilege and responsibility.

A special baptism

That this church and Pastor Feng would use the Spirit’s washing to assure this Christian woman that God claimed her as his own makes this baptism special indeed.