Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Students and teachers

MINISTRY//Students and teachers

Our students teach. 316NOW’s Bible institute is designed not only to teach sound courses in theology, books of the Bible, and pastoral practice, but to teach our students to teach others.

One of our students (we’ll call her Bojing) told us about an experience she had while teaching what she had learned from 316NOW about Lord’s Supper.

“I shared with a group of Christians about Holy Communion. After sharing, two sisters broke down and cried. They said, ‘This is the first time we’ve been taught that Holy Communion is a form of the gospel. In Communion Jesus gives the blessings of God's new covenant–forgiveness for all sins and intimate fellowship with him. The bread and cup is the real presence of Lord, not a symbol and not a law commandment.’”

So the Spirit works through 316NOW. We teach Christian leaders who teach the people the Spirit leads to them. And the celebration of God’s grace grows.

What you can do: Chinese Christians are finding increased challenges to sharing Jesus with others. Ask the Spirit to give them courage and wisdom as they teach Bible truths.