Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//A boy's witness

MINISTRY//A boy's witness

316NOW is exploring ways we can provide Chinese parents the assurances of God's grace so they can enjoy healthy family life.

Healthy-family materials

Last April, we began to test Bible-based materials that would introduce children to their Savior and motivate them to adopt better family relationships. Jason was one of our students.

When Jason started to study with Bethany, a team members of 316NOW who lives in America, he did not know that there is a Savior Jesus who loves everyone including him. He only knew there was some kind of god, because, from time to time, his parents went to the temple to convince their god to help them.

Healthy-family changes

After several weeks, his parents were surprised to see the joy and obedience their son showed in class. He had become a much different boy than the rebellious son they knew.

What made the difference? Certainly, coming to faith in the God whose Son forgives all sins and loves us unconditionally. But he also found that love lived out in Bethany, his teacher. He had never experienced grace before.

316NOW's friend in China who is working with this family told his father, “I was concerned, when we taught the truth of Jesus, you would stop his study because of your religious background.”

The father's response: "We will not prevent Frank from understanding Jesus. What we care about is who will bring light to our son’s life."

Healthy-family impact

Jason’s grandfather is very ill. Because of Jason's witness and the changes in Jason, he also has come to faith in God’s grace. His wife said to him: "I don’t know more about Jesus, but I believe he is the one we should trust. See the great changes that have happened in our grandson. I have no reason to refuse Jesus’ love.”

Frank’s grandpa was recently baptized. All the members of his family supported him.