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NEWS//Yunnan minorities

NEWS//Yunnan minorities

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South of Clouds is a documentary that features the ethnic minorities of Yunnan. The film clips are intended to speak for themselves; there is no commentary. View the video below.

You will see footage of the villages, customs, music and lifestyles of eight ethnic minorities (Bai, Lisu, Nusu, Miao [Hmong], Dai , Hani, Naxi, Yi and Hui). These people-groups have lived for centuries in what is now southern China on the borders of Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Due to China's modernization and the push of tourism, the traditional lifestyles of these groups is quickly being lost.

Friends of 316NOW who live in Yunnan Province regularly reach out to the Christians among these peoples to share what they have learned from our Bible institute. Our friends will drive for an hour or more -- over rough mountain roads -- to reach the villages where these believers live.

Source: China Underground, YouTube