Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Fall teaching trip

MINISTRY//Fall teaching trip

This fall, 316NOW will not send professors to China to teach our students and personally encourage them.

Whenever we consider setting up teaching trips to China, we consult our students there. We ask their advice and, often, ask if they would host our professors. This year many of our friends in China suggested that, given the political climate, now is not a good time for them to host foreign visitors.

Rather than scheduling a trip without eager invitations, we have decided to postpone our next trip to China until we have more opportune conditions. A future trip will also enable us to more thoroughly plan a curriculum that will better meet the needs of our Christian friends there.

Instead, we will use the fall season to promote our Sheep to Lambs (S2L) program. Chinese teachers will have our childhood education materials in hand by October. We have a Chinese team member in China. She will personally invite Christian adults to use our materials to teach children about Jesus. In addition, she will also meet with and encourage our students.

We are tempted to be disappointed that our plans for a fall trip will not materialize. But we trust our Father’s guidance of our ministry. We expect to see unanticipated blessings. We look forward to discovering how he will show is power and open different doors for us to share “grace across China NOW.”