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MINISTRY//A bride of Christ

MINISTRY//A bride of Christ

Many Christians can struggle with seeing themselves as Jesus sees them — his beautiful bride, beautifully dress, filled with dignity and worthy of respect.

An online student that our teachers spent time with when they were in China has written to thank 316NOW for our ministry to her. Her note below describes a ministry principle our 316NOW teachers work hard to live out: we not only teach accurately about God’s grace, we live it out for our students. By the way, recently this student introduced an ordained minister to our web course.

Our student's note

Just let you know how much I thank God for the opportunity to spend time with the pastors at our retreat last fall and in my web classes.

What moved me most is your loving respect and care of me. In my past life I had never been treated with dignity. You have made me realize I am a precious child of God. You have helped me experience the true meaning of God’s grace. If you knew how sad my life experiences were in the past (always fearful of not meeting the law’s demands, being ignored and unloved by important people in my life), you would understand that what I write is truly from my heart. How gracious God is.

Now I have a urgent heart to share God’s grace with people in my working areas. 80% of people I know are Buddhists and 20% are Muslims. Since I know how precious a child I am in God’s eyes, I want to do be a precious witness of Jesus Christ to people. Pray for me for God’s strength, boldness, and wisdom.

What you can do: 316NOW’s students seek to share God’s grace with the people in their lives. Ask the Spirit to make them bold witnesses.