Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Would you go to jail?

MINISTRY//Would you go to jail?

I wonder how American Christians would respond if our government insisted that their church take down its crosses.

Government restrictions

This is not hypothetical for Chinese Christians. Crosses have been taken down – sometimes ripped down – in hundreds of churches. Worse, the Chinese government is forcing on Christian churches a “biblical message” that affirms socialism. The movement is called the Sinicization of Christianity.

The father of one of 316NOW’s has spent over six months in jail for resisting the government’s demands to take down his church’s cross. In his defense, he is arguing that, under the Chinese constitution, his church has the right to be free from government interference.

So far the legal system has not been sympathetic. The courts have not set a date for his release.

China needs our prayers

Would you go to prison in protest if the American government rescinded our freedom of religion rights? We pray that we Americans never have to answer that question.

We also pray for conscience-bound Christians in China who are giving up their freedom to protest their government’s over-reach.

And we pray for the leaders of China on all levels. God has put them in their positions of authority. We pray that Chinese Christians respect that, as they keep God in first place. And we ask that those leaders lead in the best interest of China, that they come to understand Christianity will bless China, not harm it, and that the Spirit brings them to faith in the gospel.

What you can do: Join us in our prayers for China. Right now would is a good time to start.