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MINISTRY//Family ministry blessings

MINISTRY//Family ministry blessings

316NOW is investigating how family ministry materials might help us raise up more Confessional Lutheran leaders in China.

316NOW’s tentative beginning

Since last spring, American teachers have taught God's principles for healthy families to a small number of parents and children in China. For this approach to enable 316NOW toward its goal of encouraging a movement toward Confessional Lutheranism, we'll need to find a way to adjust the program so it is Chinese pastors who are teaching their members. In addition, the program must enable us to identify leaders who are interested in learning more about the Bible's real message.

But even though the program is not fully developed, we rejoice in the difference it has already made in a number of Chinese families.

An example of God’s blessing

One eleven-year-old boy who attends our online classes with his mother is overjoyed at what he has learned from his teacher. That includes the way she models Jesus' love.

Heng (not his real name) has written this prayer:

Dear Father, dear Jesus, Today, we [are walking] on the road which you command us to go. You know what we will do in the future, and you know what we went through in the past.

We pray to the King of the heaven and the earth! Jesus is the one and only the supplier of true spiritual nourishment. He is the strength from heaven, so please touch our hearts to follow you all the time! Please go with us and help us to follow you. Please give us more time to read and listen to your word.

Whether we walk, we sleep, or we talk, you will give us the power of heaven! We thank you for listening our prayers. May we give all the glory to our Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit! Amen!

What you can do: Pray that 316NOW is able to develop a program that will help families in China become healthy. Pray, too, that this program helps us identify the Christian leaders the Spirit is seeking to use to proclaim accurate Christian teaching across China.