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MINISTRY//Beauty in Jesus' meal

MINISTRY//Beauty in Jesus' meal

“I thank God for Professor Smith (not his real name),” a student in 316NOW’s Bible institute told us recently. “In the course on law and gospel, I discovered the beautiful gospel that is in Holy Communion.”

Blinded to the blessing

This student’s church, like most churches in China, taught that celebrating Lord’s Supper is an ordinance, a rule, that Christians must follow. The church taught that the bread and wine in Lord’s Supper only represent Jesus’ body and blood and that Christians attend Communion to confess their commitment to Jesus.

“The beautiful gospel” our student discovered is that in Lord’s Supper Jesus literally comes to Christians in the bread and wine. Touching them with his body and blood, he personally assures them of forgiveness.

Overwhelmed by the beauty

“I am sorry that for the ten years since I became a Christian, I didn’t know what Lord’s Supper is,” she said. “I thank God for this great study opportunity to learn the Bible with the Bible institute.”

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