Grace across China NOW

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English as a Foreign Language


Each teacher will:

  • Be in doctrinal unity with 316NOW.
  • Have a passionate desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with children of other nationalities;
  • Have good communications skills;
  • Be able to use computer technology to teach lessons at a distance via the internet; and
  • Demonstrate creativity in developing and/or modifying lessons to meet the lesson’s objectives, and the interests and needs of the students.


Each of our EFL teachers will:

  • Participate in the teachers’ training;
  • Participate in regular teleconference meetings of EFL teachers and program directors;
  • Prepare and/or modify the prescribed lessons as necessary to meet the interests and needs of the students;
  • Teach at least one – not more than two – groups of Chinese students via distance internet technology as scheduled and requested by the EFL program directors;
  • Maintain a record of student attendance and progress, and lesson notes;
  • Share reports with EFL program directors monthly; and
  • Offer suggestions for lesson and program improvements as appropriate.

Our program 316NOW teaches English as a Foreign Language to grade school age children in China. But the focus of these online courses is sharing God's good news about his love for us. Bible stories are the foundation for our materials. 

Our courses English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes are taught by Lutheran Christians who have a passionate desire to share the gospel with children in China. Although some training and experience in a classroom is helpful, it is not necessary. Our EFL program provides thorough training for teaching in this online, cross-cultural environment. 

For more information about volunteering as an EFL teacher, email