Grace across China NOW

Joy-filled; Joy-fueled


A Christian friend in Gracetown asks to become involved in our English as a foreign language program

“I’d be interested in learning more about your English as a foreign language program,” Quan told me.


Quan is one of the members of the Gracetown Church. She bubbles with joy over the clear gospel message she has learned at the Gracetown church and through 316NOW.

She has two children. One is a preschooler, the other is in second grade.

“I’m an English teacher,” Quan said. “But right now I am a stay-at-home mom. I think it is important for young children to have their mother available to them. That’s why I am taking some time off from teaching.”

“Did you know that we have a program that teaches conversational English to Chinese students?” I asked. “The program comes to China over the internet. American teachers use specially designed materials to help Chinese children, who are usually 9-14 years old, improve their English skills. We also use this program to teach Bible stories about God’s grace.” 


“I didn’t know that,” Quan said. “This is exciting. Chinese children need a lot of help learning English. And teaching them about Jesus is even better." Without hesitating, she asked, "What could I do?”

“You could do a number of things. We need assistant teachers here in China. Assistant teachers gather students together for our classes and help the students stay on task. Because of your English skills and your relationship with Jesus, perhaps you could even teach one of our classes.”

“How can I learn more about this?”

“I’ll put you in contact with the director of our EFL program. He’ll want to interview you and help you find the best place to fit into our program.”

“Yes, please do that, Pastor. I’d love to hear from him.”

Joy shared

Our EFL program is beginning to work with Quan to help her fit into that ministry. God willing, she will be able to be responsible for one of our classes in the future. To have teachers who share our faith and who live in the same time zone as our students would be a remarkable blessing.

How will you help?

Interest in our program is straining our resources. 316NOW’s English as a foreign language program has leaped from a student body of 60 at the end of our term last May to over 200 today. And the Spirit continues to provide us with additional students, Chinese teacher-assistants, and American teachers.

You could become one of those teachers. Tap here for more information.