Grace across China NOW

Minority Report

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I’ve wondered if there are any small churches in our denomination that carry on ministries that are as impressive as our house church in Gracetown.  

Service to Jesus

Most of the 25-30 members are women. Most are in their fifties. That means they are retired. As retirees they have much more time for serving the Savior than younger women. And serve they do.

They have a regular schedule for visiting people who are hospitalized. They care for people they know and people who are strangers. They always talk about God’s grace in Jesus.

Service to ethnic Chinese Christians

As wonderful as a hospital ministry is, it doesn’t compare with their ministry to ethnic minority groups in their area. These women, along with a number of men in the church, travel into the mountains around their city several times a month to meet with the Christians who live there. They will drive for an hour and a half – or more – to reach these communities. Some of these Christians live at the end of single-lane, potholed, dirt roads that cling to the edge of the mountains. Normal cars cannot travel here. 

When I was there in October we taught leaders in two of those communities. Both have established their own schools to train pastors. Students attend on a part-time basis because their families need them to help eke out a living. Their school library is a shelf – maybe two shelves – on a classroom wall. Their buildings are humble. But they are rich in Jesus. And they are grateful that other Christians help them learn more about the Savior.

Teaching the teachers

Our students in the Gracetown church share with these believers the instruction they have received from 316NOW. They also provide as much financial support as they can. This church is another example of 316NOW “teaching the teachers.” Because of the zeal of our students, our classroom instruction reaches far beyond the leaders who enroll in courses.

Maybe your church is as active in sharing the gospel as this church. I wonder, though, if our American churches could learn something about ministry from the Gracetown church.