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About 15 Days of Prayer

     The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16).

    316NOW invites you to join us and thousands of other fellow Christians in powerful and effective prayer for the gospel’s blessings to flow over all 1.4 billion souls in China.  Officially only 5% are believers.

    China’s New Year and Spring Festival celebrations are an ideal time for Christians to focus their prayers on that country. 

    This is the most important of China’s national holidays.  The celebration is marked with parties, with traveling, and with family gatherings.  Essential are gift giving and commitments to new beginnings.  In 2017 that festival takes place between January 28 and February 11 (15 days).

    This is the time for us to pray for the spiritual life of multiple millions in China.  More believers there will set off eternal celebrations in heaven and cause new spiritual beginnings to happen across that nation.  That’s the purpose of the Fifteen Days of Prayer effort. 

    Many denominational groups labor to support Christians in China and share Jesus with those who aren’t Christians.  316NOW is a Lutheran parachurch group that provides Christian church leaders in China with training, encouragement, and mentoring.   
    Use the New Year and Spring Festival to pray for these ministries, for the Christians the Spirit has already created in China, and for all the ways the Spirit is reaching souls there. Our prayers have our Father’s promise that he will hear and act on them.  The 15 Days of Prayer program will make an eternal difference for countless souls.  

    Fifteen Days of Prayer begins January 28.


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