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Sheep to Lambs

Jesus invited parents to bring their children to him (Matthew 19:14).

The Chinese government is preventing Christian parents from doing this. 

316NOW desires to assist Chinese Christian parents and teachers by providing Scriptural materials in a digital format and in Mandarin. With these materials, Chinese children can be taught the gospel message of God’s love for all people in their own language. We call this program Sheep to Lambs.

Chinese Christians currently lack gospel-centered materials for parents and teachers and the children they teach. 316NOW intends to develop lessons and resource materials to assist Christian Chinese adults in bringing gospel truths to Chinese children.  The program is designed to:

  • train Chinese Christians teach Scripture truths to elementary-school-aged children

  • work cooperatively with other orthodox Christian organizations to provide age-appropriate lesson materials for Chinese children.

The gospel-outreach potential of these materials is enormous. China is the most populated nation in the world.  Mandarin is the most spoken language not only in China but throughout the world.  Mandarin is the first language of over 1,280 million people.  Spanish (second most spoken language) with 437 million people, and English (third most spoken language) with 372 million people are spoken by less than half the people who speak Mandarin as their first language.   In addition to China, Mandarin is spoken all over the world – Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, and South America (source).  

What is Sheep to Lambs? A program 316NOW is developing to teach Chinese Christians to teach Bible truths to children.

Why is Sheep to Lambs important? China has made it illegal to teach anyone under 18 the truths of the Bible. Normal Sunday schools are shuttered. Christian parents have few resources they can use to instruct their children.

What are the plans for Sheep to Lambs? Sheep to Lambs is a new project for 316NOW. A team of educators is helping us build it from the ground up. In the first nine months of 2019, we will design the program, find and translate suitable materials, and pilot test our course. God willing, by October Sheep to Lambs will be available to Christian adults in China.

To support 316NOW and our Sheep to Lambs initiative tap here. You may mail your donation to Post Office Box 28876, Greenfield, WI 53228-0876.