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 Become a world missionary

Become a world missionary

Jean and I had a practice session yesterday to work out our 'bugs.' I think the 2 of us are ready to go!!

That double-exclamation-pointed email shouts the excitement one team of our teachers is feeling. They are about to begin teaching in 316NOW’s new English as a Foreign Language program.

You could join them!

316NOW is launching a program to help grade school students in China enhance their English skills. And to learn about God’s grace in Jesus.

You could be part of this.

316NOW has developed a curriculum along with suitable materials that empowers Christian teachers in the United States to teach English to 10-14 year olds in China. Our teachers do not have to know a word of Chinese. Every lesson is taught in English.

Here’s how it works: In China pods of 4-6 students gather at the home of one of our adult teaching assistants. Their lessons come to them via an internet connection with their teachers in the United States. Those lessons are based on Sunday school materials that teach them English and the good news of Jesus-won forgiveness and his gift of forever-heaven.

A huge challenge

But we have a huge challenge with this program.

There are at least twice as many students in China who are begging for this program than we have American teachers.

One of the key administrators for this ministry writes, “Our current dilemma is not enough U.S. teachers...and so I am appealing to YOU personally. To this foreign mission calling and opportunity I am praying you will say, "Here am I, use me." You can be a foreign missionary right from your own home!!! Wow!!!”

Is this program for you?

Could you become a teacher for this program if you are not an experienced classroom teacher? Absolutely. 316NOW will provide all of the materials, help, support, prayers, and training you will need. What our teachers must bring is a passionate desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with children of other nationalities, good communication skills, and some basic computer knowledge.

If you are interested in helping, please email 316NOW ( to ask for more information. If you know others you think would be interested, share this information with them.

You could become a world missionary without ever leaving home.  

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