Grace across China NOW

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A Christian leader’s personal pain

A Christian leader’s personal pain

“One person that has encouraged my faith and shown me the urgency of the gospel is Brother Guan,” says one of 316NOW’s faculty members.  

A prayer for his wife and child

“He faithfully comes to class.  He has great insight and knowledge of Scripture.  But his prayer every week is heart-rending.  He prays that his family, especially his wife and child, would come to know Jesus.”

“Brother Guan has a sincere and firm faith.  He is grateful for the eternal life his Savior has won for him.  And he feels–with Jesus–agony for those he dearly loves who are not yet saved for eternity.” 

A weight on his heart

“All of our other problems are small compared to knowing a loved one does not trust Jesus as Savior. What we want most for loved ones is a close relationship with him. The priorities of those who are in God's kingdom are so different from those who remain outside it.”

A call for prayer

It is not uncommon for American Christians to share Brother Guan’s grief over loved ones who are not Christians.  But the incidence of unbelieving loved ones is remarkably higher in China where less than 10% trust Jesus as Savior.

Keep these believers in your prayers.  Ask for the gospel to spread throughout China.   Present your petitions that the Spirit uses 316NOW to make that happen.