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Urgent prayers needed

Urgent prayers needed

Would you add two Chinese friends of 316NOW to your prayers?

Pregnancy complications

Weimin and Shanyuan are Christians who have been married for a number of years.  For most of those years their fervent prayer has been to have a child.  Last spring the Lord granted their prayer. Their baby is predicted to be born any day.

But five months ago a prenatal complication was diagnosed.  Their doctor told them their baby was not developing as expected. He thought it might be due to Down Syndrome.  He recommended abortion.  

A testimony to God's grace and power

Their Bible Institute teacher and friend says, “The faith of Weimin and Shanyuan prevailed. They have dismissed any thought of abortion. Instead they have – with their prayers and ours – commended their child into the hands of the Lord.”

Their teacher also writes, “They are now waiting on natural birth, which should happen any day. Let our prayer arise mightily for them.” 

Pray now

Please add your prayers to those of many other Christians in China and in the United States for Weimin, Shanyuan, and their baby.  Thank you.