Grace across China NOW

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Healed from cancer

Healed from cancer

“Please tell the pastors who visited my home, thank you,” one of our friends in China wrote us recently.

More than teaching

Our pastors were invited to visit his home because his young adult son had bone cancer.  The pastors prayed that God would remove the cancer from this young man.  They also prayed that his family would trust their Father’s wisdom in this trial.  Most of all they asked the Spirit to deepen the faith of everyone involved in God’s grace in Jesus and to use this sickness as an opportunity for many more to learn about God’s power and love.

“My son was healed,” the man wrote.  “He has found a wife. They have a lovely baby boy.  Please continue to pray for him and his family.”

More than a thank you note

As a sign of his gratitude for the way the Spirit used our pastors as well as their teaching about God’s forgiveness through Jesus, this man gave 316NOW a gift of 10,000 RMB (about $2,000 U.S.). 10,000 RMB is just under 20% of the average annual wage in China.


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