Grace across China NOW

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Why pray?

Why pray?

I pray because I can not help myself.
I’m bewildered.
I’ve squandered.
I’m confused.
I’m baffled.
I’m perplexed.
I’m worried.
I’m needy.
I’m greedy.
I’m lost.
I’m deep in thought.
I’m upset.
I’m dependent.
I think I’m independent.
I hurt.
I doubt.
I’m straying.
I’m mixed up.
I’ve messed up.
I question.
I’m hopeless.
I’ve forgotten.
I’m thankful.
I’m a sinner.
I need help.
I’m blue.
I’m old.
I have issues.
I offend.
I lose my patience.
I lack faith.

I pray because He listens.
I pray because it works and because it’s a privilege.
I pray because I get to.
I pray because others need it.
I pray because He answers.
I pray because Jesus prayed.
I pray to recharge my life.
I pray because the need flows out of me all the time,

Waking and sleeping, it does not matter.

It does not change God – it changes me.


Source: Messiah Lutheran Church Blog