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A student who can’t talk in class

A student who can’t talk in class

In this post, a member of our online Bible institute faculty reflects on one of the students in one of his classes.

“I have a student who attends our online Bible studies at an internet café.  Because it’s a public place she can’t speak to participate in the class.  She would be at some risk to be heard talking about Christianity in an online class led by an American teacher.  She’s restricted to using the text box on Skype to ask her questions or contribute to the conversation.
“In spite of the restrictions on her participation, she regularly writes about how valuable she finds our Bible institute classes.  She contributes to the class.  She asks questions. In fact, she has great questions, the kind of questions you’d expect from someone who holds degrees in architecture and English.
“She uses the information we share in class to help lead a campus ministry in her city.  The students who attend those Bible studies are among the brightest at the university.  I think it’s wonderful that the Holy Spirit has found a way to bring solid Bible teaching to this Christian leader who in turn shares it with college students who one day will have positions of influence from which to share their faith.

It’s impossible to know how God plans to use our Bible institute teaching, but we do know there is no better steward than our God.  He never wastes the efforts of his people.  That’s his promise: “My word that goes out from my mouth... will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).