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She couldn’t pray

She couldn’t pray

A 316NOW teacher shares

“We’re coming to the end of our time together, Huan. Would you like to pray first or should I go first?”

A twenty-something believer

Huan and I had been meeting regularly for Bible study.  She is highly proficient in English.  She teaches English on a high school level.  And she translates for some of our online Bible institute classes.

She is in her early twenties and still lives with her parents.  It was at her home that our Skype meetings took place.

With a father who is not

Her father is not a Christian; he worships the yuan (Chinese dollars). He has done extremely well accumulating yuan.  Although he tolerates his daughter’s love for Jesus, he is not interested in hearing about Jesus or being reminded that he has neglected the spiritual part of his life.

“Would you like to pray first?” I asked Huan.  

“No, Pastor,” she answered in almost a whisper.  “My father is here in the apartment.  It would not be good for him to hear me praying. Why don’t you pray for us?”  

Prayer for Chinese families divided by Jesus

I happily prayed for us.  And I included petitions for Huan’s father ... and for her mother who is not a Christian either.  How fortunate they that God has positioned someone so close to them who will live out her faith in Jesus and, as she has opportunities, explain to them why her Jesus-won forgiveness is so important.

Huan is not alone in China.  Less than one out of ten Chinese are Christians.  316NOW is helping Christian church leaders assist their members in witnessing to their loved ones who are not yet believers.  You can help us help them.  

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