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MINISTRY// Living the truth

MINISTRY// Living the truth

One of the Christian groups that 316NOW works with numbers less than 30. Many of the believers in this group have studied with our online Bible institute for over five years. When they began studying with us they were leaders in a large government-registered church. One served as an assistant pastor.

As they learned the difference between God’s law and his gospel, as they dug deeply into the books of the Bible, as they explored sound theology, they recognized their church was not entirely faithful to the Scriptures. With humility and prayer, they encouraged their church’s leaders to consider the teachings they had learned from us. But after a year, they realized their church would not improve its teachings. For that reason, they chose to leave their church and their many friends there to start their own house church.

These leaders continue to come together each week for additional online studies with our institute professors. They meet each week for worship in one of the member’s homes. In fact, that member opens her home at any time to the group. They spend time together for prayer, for meals, for mutual support. They visit hospitalized friends and any others they are aware of. And they do cross-cultural outreach with the gospel.

But that’s a story for another time.

Please keep this group in your prayers this week. Ask the Spirit to use these Christians to expand his kingdom by bringing more to faith through them and by building the faith of each one of them.