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MINISTRY // In search of more students

MINISTRY // In search of more students

Most often when we visit cities in China it’s because we have students there. 

We also visit cities where we are hoping to establish a foothold for our Bible institute. We did that in a city in southern China last October.

Our host for our time there is the sister of one of our students in another part of China. One of our Bible institute professors who visited there said,

“Even though Bohai (a pseudonym) had never met us before, she was wonderfully welcoming. She took us into her home and prepared meals for us. Through her generosity, we toured much of the area around her city. Much better, she introduced us to many members of her large government-registered church, including its pastors and one of its choirs. Several people expressed interested in our online classes.”

Our hostess’ sister is moving to this city by summer. With the help of both sisters, we are praying that we see Christians from this city in our classes soon. We welcome your prayers, as well.