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316NOW’s EFL program: A personal touch

316NOW’s EFL program: A personal touch

    One of the teachers in our English as a foreign language (EFL) program has added a personal touch to helping grade-school-aged students improve their English and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

    Last week the administrator for this division of 316NOW’s ministry reported on one of our EFL teachers. She met with her students, not online but in person in China. “Our teacher was in China on a business trip,” he said, “but she used some of her personal time to gather her online students and her teacher’s assistant together for a face-to-face class.  In addition they enjoyed a meal together, did some Christmas shopping, and sang Christmas carols.”

    He also reported that our English as a foreign program includes

  • As many as 54 students each week; they range in age from 8-15.
  • As many as 32 adults who also attend (mostly parents)
  • 15 American teachers (pastors, teachers, and laypeople)
  • 16 Chinese teacher assistants who recruit students, monitor the classes, and prepare handouts.

Our EFL goals

    “The primary goals of our Bible instruction are to introduce non-believers to the gospel of Jesus Christ,” our administrator says, “and to reinforce the faith of believers through the teaching of Bible stories.”

    Learn more about our English as a foreign language program by visiting You can also discover how to become a volunteer teacher in this program.