Grace across China NOW

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A former Buddhist yearns to share Jesus

A former Buddhist yearns to share Jesus

One of our pastors who traveled in China for 316NOW shares this story.

I met Mya at a gathering of Christian college students on a Saturday morning. She came to China from her home in Burma where she was raised in a Buddhist family.  

She and her new Christian friends had been meeting for about two months. A pastor from an underground church who is a friend of 316NOW began the group. It had grown to 20 in attendance.

Eager students

We studied the differences between law and gospel. I was impressed. Not only did everyone stay on track for our three hours together, but they asked great questions. And that they seemed disappointed when our study ended.

Mya's challenges

Over lunch everyone shared their accounts of coming to faith in Jesus.  My new Burmese friend talked about being the only one in her Buddhist family who is Christian.  Mya feared that her adoption into Jesus’ family would fracture relationships with her human family, but, she said, “So far family members have respected my decision.”

“I am sooooo happy,” she said. Her happiness did not have as much to do with the good relationship she has with her loved ones, though. Mya is happy because she knows Jesus is her Savior.

“I pray that eventually I can share Jesus with my whole family,” she added.