Grace across China NOW

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There is a balm in Gilead

There is a balm in Gilead

“There is a balm in Gilead,” the hymn says, “to heal the sin-sick soul.” When our teachers visit China, they use that medicine day after day.

Personal counseling happens frequently on our teaching trips to China. Many Christians there are challenged by the unfairnesses of life. One of our teachers shared this story about the need for the gospel's salve.

Believers in need of grace's salve

On Monday morning I did some pastoral counseling with a dear woman who has been a faithful servant in her country church for over 30 years.  Recently, however, she has faced unfair criticism. A group in the church is working to remove her as a leader so it can take control of the congregation. 

Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens fairly often in China. This is the third incident we have dealt with on this trip alone.  

I also spent some time talking with a young believer who had attended our retreat. He wanted some Bible-centered advice about personal questions he was wrestling with. 

The medicine of God's mercy

I applied the ointment of God's grace that heals “sin-sick souls.” It brought mending to both of these Christians. 

I thank God that his commitment to love and care for us is unflagging. Jesus’ death and resurrection assures it.  That is miraculous medicine for believers who are hurt, struggling, and afraid. 

What a privilege that I can share that healing balm with Christians in China!