Grace across China NOW

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New gospel sharing efforts in China

New gospel sharing efforts in China

A number of 316NOW’s students, each one a leader in a church in China, are beginning to develop their own house churches. 

New Christian groups forming

Some of these groups will take the form of a satellite of our students’ current church. These would be similar to churches in the United States that operate on more than one campus.

Other groups will begin as Bible studies.  In the Bible study groups, our students will help other Christians examine the biblically sound doctrine 316NOW teaches in its courses.  But more than Bible study, 316NOW’s students will encourage group members to boldly apply what they’ve learned by sharing the gospel every day.  

More outreach happening

316NOW’s staff member who is a consultant to these students says, “These Christians will develop ways to share their faith that make sense in their particular spiritual and political situation.”

316NOW views this effort as more than a short term program.  Our consultant adds, “This practical ministry will give us valuable guidance for the future of gospel mission work in China.”

Prayers needed

Even though we Christians in the United States are half a globe away from China, our prayers will make a huge difference for this effort. Please commit to pleading for the Spirit to unleash his power through these new groups and through them to spread his gospel to more in China.