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MINISTRY// New Chinese mission churches

MINISTRY// New Chinese mission churches

316NOW’s students are starting their own congregations. At present our students shepherd six groups–a seventh group will begin soon–in various places throughout China. (For the security of our students we will not mention the cities they live in.)

Underground groups

These groups are not registered with the Chinese government. Unlike the legal churches, these groups strive to operate under the radar of government oversight. There they are able rightly to proclaim God’s Word without interference from the registered church or government. Of course, if discovered, the government could force them to disband and could impose penalties on the leaders.

Appreciation for the gospel drives our students. They begin their groups so that the sound theology they have learned in 316NOW’s classrooms can be clearly shared with other Christians and with the people they know who are not yet Christians. 

316NOW's improved curriculum

To assist our students with starting what we in the United States would call mission churches, 316NOW is bolstering its online curriculum. We have a new course in personal evangelism. Courses in pastoral leadership, as well as church planting and growth, are being developed. We are improving our courses on Bible interpretation and sermon preparation.

Empowered by the Spirit, the prayers, donations, and ministry of hundreds of Christians here in the United States make these advances in 316NOW’s ministry possible. 

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