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MINISTRY // Will you go to heaven?

MINISTRY // Will you go to heaven?

One of our professors who traveled for us in China last October shares this remembrance.

Are you sure?

We went out to a hotpot restaurant at noon to eat (Tap here to learn more about hotpot).  One of the men at the meal had been a Christian for 3 years.  His wife is a Christian for 20 years.  In our dinner conversation, I asked him, “If you died tonight, do you know for sure where you would be?”  When I ask that question, I always emphasize the words “for sure!” 

His answer was basically “Hmmmmmmmm, no.”

So, I followed that with a second question to get at his thinking, “If you stood before heaven’s gates and God asked, ‘Why should I let you into my heaven?’ what would you say?” 

After a pause, he replied, “My wife will be there, but I don’t know about me.”

Let me assure you

Here is a man who was thrilled to know Christ after so many years without him, and to trust in God’s grace in forgiveness, and he answered that way.  His reason?  “I have not been a Christian long enough to be good enough for heaven.  But my wife has.”

Oh, what an opportunity we had to explain what God’s grace in Christ is really all about!  Forgiveness is not based on merit or years of service to God, but on Christ and faith in what he has done for us. 

It took a little explanation, but the look on his face when he grasped the full meaning of God’s undeserved love for us in Jesus was priceless!  But he wasn’t the only one present.  There were about 20 Chinese Christians at that table.

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