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MINISTRY//Never too old

MINISTRY//Never too old

“I am 80 years old.  The Lord still loves me dearly and doesn’t think I am too old to be saved or to be used for his ministry of the kingdom,” one of our students has written. This highly educated woman has lived through remarkable changes in China and in her understanding of grace.

A better understanding of grace

“Through study with the Bible institute teachers, I came to know that God predestined me in his eternal blessings through faith in Jesus Christ. That’s a simple and clear truth.”

She added she now understands that God does not predestine people to either hell or heaven. “Our loving God never predestined anyone to hell. It is sin that draws a sinner to eternal darkness…. Because God predestined me for eternal life, I can’t help but praise him like a happy child.”

An encouragement to other students

When our other students became aware of our friend’s testimony, they were inspired. One said, “Since Dr. Fu* [studies with GBI], we shouldn’t find any excuses for lack of competence in Bible study.”

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* To protect our friends in China, neither the photos or the names we use in our posts identify the people we work with.