Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY //  Conversation at the Great Wall

MINISTRY //  Conversation at the Great Wall

A 316NOW professor who traveled in China for us last fall shared a part of a conversation he had with a Chinese pastor who treated him to a tour of China’s Great Wall.

Big need

“What do your members need most?” he asked. 

“Over the last five years we have seen many new Christians,” the pastor said. “I emphasize and reemphasize for them the simple basics about God’s acts. But they need continuous, simplified instruction.”

Most worship services in China feature a 60-minute sermon. The professor asked, “Is the one-hour sermon were too much for them?”

“Yes,” he said, “but they expect it.” 

Bigger need

The professor suggested to us, “An even greater need for new Christians is a proper understanding of the gospel. As is often the case in China, it seems that the skill of distinguishing Law and Gospel is a key need. And not just for new believers. Almost every Chinese pastor has yet to learn that skill.”  

These are ways 316NOW strives to have a dramatic impact on churches in China. We teach church leaders how to help their members share the gospel with their friends. We teach how to nurture the faith of new believers. But, in everything we teach, we emphasize the good news of the grace God has shown us through Jesus, the forgiveness that is a gift from him, and the guaranteed a place in heaven that Easter has won.

Thank you

316NOW’s passion is to proclaim grace across China NOW. Thank you for helping to make that happen with your prayers during our 15 Days of Prayer effort.