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MINISTRY//Improved Bible courses

MINISTRY//Improved Bible courses

One of the leaders of our online Bible institute sent this email to the scholar who wrote our new course in personal witnessing.

Dear Pastor,

Just let you know that we started to use your evangelism course notes for a group of our students.

They all like this course. Pastor Schmidt*, who is teaching the course, and I also very much appreciated this new addition to our curriculum. Compared with the previous evangelism course, this new set of teaching materials is more practical. It is also more valuable for Chinese students.

316NOW is in the middle of a multi-year effort to improve our online materials. Over the last decade, we have learned many things about online instruction. And we’ve learned about teaching people who live in a much different culture than we do. Those insights are shaping our new materials.

In late June, we will again assemble a team of writers who will work on improving another section of our curriculum.  Your prayers for this effort are requested.


*To maintain the security of our professors and students, we always use pseudonyms in our posts.