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MINISTRY//Improving our Bible Institute 

MINISTRY//Improving our Bible Institute 

Please talk to our Father this week, if not into the future, about 316NOW’s online Bible institute.

Bible institute improvements

For the third year in a row, this is the week 316NOW is gathering scholars and faculty members to work together on improving our Bible institute’s courses.

Our team of seven writers is gathering at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon.  Four courses will begin to be prepared for revision or creation. They will be completed in the next six to 12 months.

Improved courses

Two writers will improve our course on Christian doctrines. Three writers will assemble sermon studies and sermon samples for 60 Gospel texts. This course is entitled, Gospel texts for preaching and teaching. Another faculty member will write a course on marriage and family life. The remaining course will compare Christianity with other religions.

Improved certificate program

Our team of faculty members will also help to establish course requirements for the four certificates that our students can earn from our Bible institute. Those are certificates in

  • Biblical studies (this program is intended to provide students with a general knowledge of the Bible and a deeper knowledge of several key books of the Bible),
  • Christian ministry (these courses will provide students with a solid foundation in doctrine, as well as essential areas of pastoral practice),
  • Christian studies (these courses are intended to help experienced church leaders design their own program for professional growth), and
  • Church leadership (a program that provides a strong foundation in doctrine, as well as practical ministry and leadership).

Prerequisites for each of the certificate programs include courses in Bible interpretation and doctrine. 

We are grateful for your prayers for our Bible institute's ministry.