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MINISTRY//Good news to share

MINISTRY//Good news to share

One of our Bible institute students has endured significant health challenges over the last years. The most challenging of those issues was treatment for lung cancer and brain tumors.  

Our friend writes,

I thank God that during the hard, medical treatment and recovery, [316NOW’s] pastors and students all kept praying for me. They also invited me to attend the web classes. I was so thankful for this wonderful opportunity.

I was too weak to go to church, but I still could study God’s Word through the on-line classes. There the precious Word of God nurtured my heart and strengthened my faith.

I learned to trust that God loves me so dearly. Yes, I am such a weak person but God fills my life with great joy and hope through many Christians, even American pastors. What a blessed child of God I am.

I have been longing to share the sweet gospel with other patients in the hospital and with the people I meet no matter where I am.

i don’t know how long God will let me live in this world, but I know God saves my life. I want to live for him.

 What you can do: A number of our students suffer from health issues. Ask God to remind them that his loving and beneficial plans for them are wrapped in those challenges. Pray that their trust grows through 316NOW’s instruction in his Word. Ask that more souls learn about God’s Jesus-won grace through them.