Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Who can stop our worship?

MINISTRY//Who can stop our worship?

The local government recently prohibited an unregistered church we work with in China (that is, a church that is not part of the government-sanctioned denomination) from worshiping in its building.

Church members have moved to another place for worship and fellowship gathering. The leader of that group writes:

The government can't shut up our hearts, our spiritual relationship with God.  People who don't know God think that, when they close the church door, God is shut in. They think God can’t get out and believers can't get in to meet with him. 

We pray, “Father! Forgive them because they don't know what they're doing.”  They can close the visible building, but they can't shut the heavenly window where God pours out blessings on us. Today we are still gathering together because of the spirit of worship in Jesus Christ is free. Who can stop our spiritual worship to God! No one!

What you can do: The closure of churches throughout China happens week after week. Pray for these Christians whose church buildings have been taken from them. Ask the Spirit to help them understand that God’s peace and protection is always with them, even when they must secretively gather together in the name of Jesus. Then pray that, because of this persecution, Christians are emboldened to share their faith with more people.