Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Thanks for the "foot soldiers"

MINISTRY//Thanks for the "foot soldiers"

316NOW receive the letter below a week ago from a generous Christian family. We are grateful for the hundreds of brothers and sisters in Jesus who, like this family, make our ministry possible not only through their offerings, but through their words of support.

Dear friends,

Thank you for your letter in January about the work of 316NOW and for the invitation to enable the matching gift. Enclosed is our donation.

Also, thank you for the prayer guide sent in February. It was a daily reminder of the millions of people who need the refreshment of the gospel.

And thank you to you who are the foot soldiers in this mission.

 Words of encouragement like these inspire “the foot soldiers in this mission.” So do the gernerous gifts that grace-grateful Christians use to support our ministry to church leaders in China.

What you can do: Tap here to download a prayer guide for the gospel’s spread in China that you can use month after month.