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MINISTRY//Graduation service

MINISTRY//Graduation service

On Sunday afternoon, May 5, worshipers from across the Midwest gathered to celebrate the graduation of two of our students. Divine Peace Lutheran Church in Milwaukee hosted the celebration.

Excellent students

The students received our Certificate of Biblical Studies. The two graduates have both studied with our Bible institute for eight years. They have taken every class in our curriculum.

Our executive director said of these women, “Because of their dedication to learning the Scriptures and their leadership abilities, what a blessings our two sisters would be in any of our congregations. But the Spirit has placed them in China where they are even more of a blessing to Jesus’ kingdom.”

Grateful students

After the worship service and warm greetings from new Christians friends, one of our graduates said, “Our gratitude cannot be expressed in words.  What we can say is, ‘Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!’ What we are thinking now is to bring back all your blessings to China and be boldly carrying on gospel forward as God called us! Together with you ‘the sower and reaper may be glad together!’ Amen! “

We invited four more of us our students, two pastors and two other lay workers, to attend the graduation service. Unfortunately, because of visa issues or personal responsibilities, they were not able to travel the United States.

This week our graduates tour of the Midwest continues with travel through Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota. Then they travel back home.

What you can do: Pleae keep them in your prayers during their travels here and when they return home..