Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Families without grace

MINISTRY//Families without grace

316NOW is exploring how the issues Chinese families are struggling with may provide another avenue for the gospel to touch Chinese souls. We are researching strategies to teach healthy family principles that are based on Scripture to Chinese families.

One approach we are developing is to teach children relationship skills they can use in their families. The skills are based on biblical principles. That provides opportunities to speak about God’s grace in Jesus.

Last week basic questions about Christianity came up. In the class were several Chinese children, a translator, and a teacher in the United States.

One of the children, we’ll call him Frank, asked, “What’s the meaning of Baptism?”

Our translator writes, “My gratitude and sadness were intertwined during Bernita’s (the teacher’s) patient explanation. I am grateful the children learned about how God’s grace comes to us in Baptism. I am deeply moved for Frank. This was the first time he heard about Baptism. He is 13. I was sad because I was thinking of most kids in China; they have no idea what Baptism — or God’s grace — is.”

What you can do: China is excelerating its efforts to limit the growth of Christianity. That probably means 316NOW will need to find different ways to proclaim grace across China NOW. Ask the Spirit to help us stay alert to the doors he is opening to share the gospel in China.