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NEWS//Hong Kong's human chain

NEWS//Hong Kong's human chain

Taking a page from history, protesters in Hong Kong used Friday evening (August 23) to form a human chain that extended 28 miles through the city.

The human chain was inspired by protests against Soviet occupation in the Baltic States 30 years ago. Read more.

Hong Kong protesters chose the human chain as a peaceful, yet powerful way to stand against what they see as Mainland China’s undue influence in their city. Raised linked-hands and smartphone lights marked the size of the protest that ringed Vicotria Harbor and traced three key subway routes. Reportedly, over a million people participated in the demonstration. More demonstrations are planned over the remainder of the weekend.

Eleven weeks ago, the protests began as a reaction against a now-suspended extradition bill that would have allowed Hong Kong citizens to face charges in China. The protest has widened to include demands for full democracy and an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality at protests.

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