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316NOW is expanding its leadership team

316NOW is expanding its leadership team

    “316NOW is doing exceptional ministry. I would love to be part of it.”

    That’s the way one man responded to 316NOW’s invitation to become a member of our board of directors.  

    To better lead our ministry, 316NOW is expanding the size of our board to at least twelve members. We are also expanding the range of our board members’ career experience to include more people with backgrounds in business, education, and nonprofits. 

Steps toward improved leadership

    We have discovered that, as our ministry continues to grow, the original leadership model that 316NOW began with a decade ago needed to change. Our first step was to appoint (volunteer) administrators over the four areas of our ministry. They are responsible for our day to day operation. 

    Step two is enhanced board of directors.  The board’s role is to keep us focused on our overall mission, to monitor our fiscal soundness, and to challenge us to constantly improve our gospel outreach in China. The grace of the Savior whose birth brings good news of great joy into world happily compels us to ensure we are doing the best job possible.

Would you serve with us?

    “I will be happy to serve in any way that I am capable of serving,” our board nominee continued.  “So if, for some reason, I am not chosen to serve on the board of directors, please consider me to serve in another way.”

    Would you like to serve Jesus through 316NOW’s ministry? One area where we have immediate need is in our English as a Foreign Language program.  For more information about this program and about how you might participate, tap here.