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God's answer to our urgent prayers

God's answer to our urgent prayers

On December 20 we asked for your prayers for a Christian couple in China as they awaited the birth of their first (and long hoped for) child.  (Tap to read the blog post.)  

Today we received news about God's answer to our prayers.  One of our 316NOW faculty members writes:

I got news that Weimin and Shanyuan's baby died shortly after birth this morning. She had many complications: she could not breathe on her own, her heart was under developed, and she had lung and other complications.  I don't believe Weimin and Shanyuan got to hold the baby before the hospital staff rushed the baby out of room to clean her up and put her in incubator. The baby died before that all was complete.  By God's grace alone, we trust little Miracle (that's what I call her) is in glory.  Thank you Jesus.  Thanks for your many, many prayers which God in his grace has heard and answered. 

Of course, Weimin and Shanyuan continue to be in need of prayer. Ask their Savior and ours to assure them of his love, to strengthen them through their heartache, and to lead them to find special hope and even joy because of Bethlehem's Child.

Thank you.