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MINISTRY//A grace difference

MINISTRY//A grace difference

Naeva is in China (Naeva is a pseudonym). She is 316NOW's only full-time employee.

Because of the political situation in China, we were not able to send professors to China this fall, but,  because she is Chinese, Naeva is able to represent us there. Naeva is a naturalized Ameican citizen, but she was born in China and spent the first decades of her life there.

This fall Naeva is making contact with a number of our students. Among our students are pastors, staff ministers, and lay leaders. In our online Bible institute, we patiently teach them, praying for the Spirit to guide them into a Confessional Lutheran understanding of Christianity. 

Naeva writes,

"Last Sunday, I joined a Bible study group of 20 people that was led by [one of our students].  I was so thankful for the way she emphasized the gospel. To be honest, the message she shared was more clear than the preacher's sermon that morning. I am so grateful  to see the joy and appreciation for God's grace that fills up our students’ hearts."  

"The following Friday, I teamed up with [another student] to teach a class of about 50 the basic gospel message. I'm always surprised that Christians, including Christian leaders, can be unclear about the assurances of God's love in Jesus. We used Christian songs and singing lessons to make our points.  Many of the Christian sisters there were brought to tears by the sweet love of Jesus.  We'll continue our teaching here until next Wednesday." 

What you can do: Ask the Spirit to guide and protect Naeva during her travels.