Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Each one reach one

MINISTRY//Each one reach one

Several fine Christian women lead women’s Bible studies for 316NOW. One of those teachers shares this account of the gospel spreading from friend to friend in China.

Gifted to share

Violet has been attending my Saturday morning (evening for her) study time for almost two years. She had been invited by Mona, who has been studying with me for over two years. Last week Linda joined our group and I finally heard the full story about how all these women became Christians.

Linda's sister Sharon had been searching for peace by studying psychology at a Chinese university. Sharon thought she could save people from depression and suicide if she understood psychology. She moved to the United States to learn more, and while she was here, she learned about Christianity.

She explained to her sister, Linda, "Psychology cannot save us. Only God can save us." Because of Sharon's confession of faith, Linda looked into Christianity and became a believer.

Then she shared her faith with her friend Mona. After Mona became a believer, she shared her faith with Violet.

There is one more friend in this circle whom I have not yet met, but the women speak of her as a sister in Christ.

Living to share

They are all so happy to have Jesus in their lives, but they still have sadness over their friends and family who do not yet believe.

Each week we pray together that the Lord will give us each the opportunities and courage to share our faith with others so that they may know their Savior.

Even while we all look forward to eternity in heaven, we pray that the time of grace may be extended for those who do not yet have faith in Jesus.

What you can do: China probably has well over 110 million Christians. Pray that each one of them continues to share their faith in Jesus with friends, family, and other aquaintances. Also ask the Spirit’s continued blessings on 316NOW’s Bible studies for Chinese women.