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MINISTRY//One generation from extinction

MINISTRY//One generation from extinction

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Since the First Century, the Christian Church has recognized that, unless one generation shares the gospel with the next generation, the gospel will be lost to that culture within a few decades.

 Barred from knowing Jesus

The Chinese government seeks to capitalize on that principle. But not in a way that pleases God.

 China is strenuously enforcing laws against telling children about God's grace in Jesus. Learn more by tapping here.

 Christian parents in China are struggling to find ways to expose their children to the gospel.

316NOW’s solution

316NOW is committed to help them. God willing, our new Sheep to Lambs initiative will make a huge difference.

 Sheep to Lambs (S2L) is designed to prepare Christians to teach children about Jesus. Our teachers' manuals will offer step-by-step instruction. Our student lessons present key Bible accounts in ways that are culturally understandable .

 But we are praying for blessings beyond sharing the gospel with children. S2L's goal is to encourage the Chinese Christians who teach children to learn more about the Bible through our online Bible institute. We pray that through them Confessional Lutheranism will continue to grow in China.

 We pray that S2L materials will be ready for use in China by fall. Learn more about Sheep to Lambs by tapping here.

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