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MINISTRY//Family Ministry

MINISTRY//Family Ministry

China’s families are struggling.

Parents are struggling to understand how a wife who is an only-child and a husband who is an only-childr can build a wholesome marriage with each other. You’ll remember that until very recently most Chinese parents were limited to one child. Those only-children are doted over by parents and two sets of grandparents. Some have taken to calling them “little emperors” because they have six people who constantly wait on them (two parents and four grandparents). These young-adult emperors have never learned to provide the selflessness that healthy marriages require.

In addition, these young parents are struggling to understand how they should raise their own “little emperors.” (Today most parents are satisfied only to have one child even though they can have two).

The result is marriages that are frayed and children who are disobedient and disrespectful. Learn more here.

316NOW is exploring how these family issues may provide the gospel with another avenue for touching Chinese souls. We are searching for strategies to teach healthy family principles that are based on Scripture to Chinese families that have never heard of God’s grace.

What you can do: Please ask the Spirit’s guidance as we work to help Chinese families enjoy the blessings the God of Grace wants them to live in. And check in on our blog next week for a story about what we’ve learned so far.