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15 Days of Prayer

Beginning on February 5, 2019, China’s New Year and Spring Festival celebration will take place. These 15 days mark the most significant of China’s holiday. 316NOW suggests we use these days to ask the Holy Spirit to bring the gospel to millions more in China and to strengthen the faith of Chinese Christians. We will pray for the souls in China during our next worship services. We also encourage every member to pray daily. Prayer guides for personal and family use are available by tapping here: 15 Days Prayer Guides.

316NOW’s ministry in China

316NOW is a para-synodical group that is bringing the gospel to China by providing biblical instruction to the Christian leaders there. As these leaders grow in understanding of God’s Word, they are better equipped to train members of their congregations to share Jesus with others. 316NOW works with the other groups associated with our synod to share the gospel in China. For more information go to

More information about 316NOW

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